The collaborative project HyMoBioStrategie is based on an interdisciplinary approach linking scientists from different disciplines with users and operators from various provinces, municipalities and water authorities to jointly develop strategies to intact lakeshores.


At differently structured shore sections of Lake Constance intensive measurement campaigns are carried out, which are supplemented by numerical experiments. New techniques are applied to measure the suspended and bedload transports, the erosion or accumulation behaviour of the upper sediment layer as well as acoustic methods for high- resolution horizontal surveys of the lake-bottom topography and sediment structure, and 3D hydro- and morphodynamic modelling. These are combined with studies on the composition and dynamics of the submerged macrophytes and macro-invertebrates.


The goal is to characterize the processes that are effective under natural conditions or in anthropogenically altered lake shores and having impact on hydrodynamics, sediment transport, and on both quality components - macro-invertebrates and macrophytes - of the WFD.